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Clients / Testimonials

Tiara Consulting Panel blends optimally its substantial international business experience, its global outlook, its benchmarking skills and excellent model-building abilities to add substantial value to its clients, consisting of many multinational corporations as well as smaller firms who wish to expand both nationally and/or globally. For many of these companies the Consulting Panel has been involved in repeat projects. Some of these are listed below:



AIG (5) Chevron - Texaco (5) HONEYWELL AEROSPACE (5)
Alcatel Citibank (3) IBM (4)
American Express (2) Coca Cola (6) Inter-American Development Bank
Amersham Coors Johnson & Johnson (17)
Amway Corporation (7) Delco Remy Masco (4)
Bayer AG Eastman Kodak Microsoft
Bakrie group - Indonesia (17) EDS MODI GROUP - INDIA (2)
Boston Scientific (2) Fortune Brands Renal Care Group
Cap Gemini GD SEARLE (PFIZER) (7) Sigma Bleyzer (6)
Charle Plaire - Japan (2) GOVT OF PERU - IDB (5) TATA GROUP, INDIA (4)
Conagra General Motors XEROX

Raymond F. JohnsonCaltex Petroleum Corporation
Raymond F. Johnson
Former Chairman, CEO & President

I have known Dr. M.V. Krishna Kumar over the last twenty years, initially as an executive of Caltex Petroleum Corporation and an adjunct professor at the Cox School of Business, Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas and thereafter as the Executive Director of Corporate Consulting & Professor of Global Business at Thunderbird, The Garvin School of International Management in Glendale, Arizona.

While I was the Chairman & CEO of Caltex Petroleum, he impressed me considerably with his significant conceptual skills and remarkable analytical abilities. He was coordinating the company's strategic plan involving capital investment of hundreds of millions of dollars every year very effectively and skillfully. He was one of the best business modelers that I have known in petroleum industry. He came up with quite innovative solutions while handling a lot of in-company projects. In that sense he was one of the best in-company consultants. I have no doubt that he would add substantial value in any consulting assignment.

Mr. Suresh KumarKaiZen Innovation, LLC
Mr. Suresh Kumar
(Former International Vice President for Johnson & Johnson for Worldwide Consumer Pharmaceuticals)
I have known Krishna for over thirty years as a professor, management consultant, business collaborator and a friend. Early on I took his graduate class on Quantitative Approach to Marketing. Without question, it takes special talent to make such a course absorbing; Krishna’s simulation approach made the course come alive. It was an early view into the practical approach that Krishna brings to all his projects.

Business modeling and quantitative grounding are at the heart of Krishna’s approach to problem solving and consulting. While it is impossible to single any one study amongst the noteworthy projects he did for me while I headed the Worldwide Consumer Pharmaceuticals business at Johnson & Johnson, two projects stand out for their creative strategic content and quantitative output, i.e., one was the specialty market entry strategy in Japan and the other was the new product market assessment work and modeling in China.

Gary BrukardtRenal Care Group
Gary Brukardt
President & CEO

Dr. Kumar,
I would like to thank you again for an excellent presentation. The work and the report were extremely well done. As an organization, I believe that we can benefit significantly from the material presented. I am very impressed with the quantitative model that you have developed, which puts a dollar value on each one of the strategies presented. You have come up with some excellent strategies and delivered very impressive results.

Tony PensabeneLifescan, J&J Taiwan
Tony Pensabene
Managing Director, J&J Taiwan

Dr. Krishna Kumar,
On behalf of J&J Taiwan, Rebecca and the Lifescan Team may I thank you for the excellent business review. I am particularly impressed with your professionalism and the fact based information assessment of the BGM business in Taiwan. I am especially pleased to observe the information on competitors, proposed strategies and the business model developed by you. May I take this opportunity to congratulate you on an excellent presentation with your quantitative model forecasting the impact of each Strategic Option?


MansillaMoen Inc.
Mansilla, Angelo
VP Latin America and Exports

Dear Dr. Kumar,
I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank you for the excellent work in completing the Moen Mexico Market Study. You delivered a product that will allow us to build a strategy to make our brand a significant player in Mexico. We were particularly impressed with your fresh thinking and new ideas and the mathematical model that you developed to show the impact of each strategy on the bottom line. Further, your visit to Mexico and your knowledge of the local business contributed significantly to the success of the consulting assignment.

I would definitely recommend you to others looking to learn more about the Mexican market. I am pleased that you have provided excellent value in comparison to other leading consulting companies. I do look forward to working with you again in the future.

Mansilla, Angelo

Alticor Inc. (Amway Corporation)
Dana Boals
Vice President, Finance &
Greg Ladomersky
Director, Supply Chain Management

Dr. Krishna Kumar,
Greg and I wanted to take this opportunity to send you a quick note of update and thanks regarding the Inventory Management benchmark study that you completed for us this past summer. We have found the outputs from the study validated many of the inventory opportunities that we were targeting with our affiliates. Your study proved very valuable because it was an independent third party validating where attention needed to be focused. We are applying many of the opportunity areas to not only the markets you studied, but our other significant markets around the globe also. The study shone light on the potential improvements opportunities in these areas and we are pursuing them. That's all well and good, but we are also beating our DSOH targets for the year and see continued improvement in the future. That's where it really counts! Thanks again. Consider us champions of the work you do!
- Dana & Greg

Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC),
Subsidiary of Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

Victor H. Moscoso
Senior Investment Officer

I don't want to miss the opportunity to stress the significant role Dr. Kumar played in carrying out the project for us. Had it not been for his involvement in both market demand analysis and business modeling, the project might have never materialized.

JAC Products, Inc.
Richard Puricelli
Chairman and CEO

Dr. Kumar,
I take this opportunity to congratulate you for an outstanding performance. The results were very helpful for our company's extension into South America. Even for our next project in Asia two years later, we were very satisfied and pleased with the outcome.

My Computer Works, Inc. Phoenix, Arizona
Luke Ford
President & Founder

Dr. Kumar delivered excellent value for the clients, which is responsible for getting "repeat assignments" from them. Dr. Kumar has excellent conceptual skills, great technical skills and well finessed human skills. He is certainly as good as any well known consultant that I am aware of. However, what separates him from the rest is the display of his conceptual skills in the form of a business model in the spread sheet form. Even the most complex thoughts and ideas, strategies and relationships are translated by him into a business model. The models created by him have embedded in them all the strategic options, capital investments, corporate relationships, benchmarking best practices, multivariate analyses and so on, that they forecast the impact of the strategies on the bottom line of the company very explicitly. Further, on top of this, he carries out a decision and risk analysis, which outlines the principal drivers of the business and the risk profile of the project, i.e. the probability of enhancing or destroying shareholder value for each strategy. I would certainly consider Dr. Kumar and his consulting company as an excellent "high quality and low cost alternative" to well known consulting companies.

Jeffrey D. FilleyBehr: A Masco Company.
Jeffrey D. Filley

Dr. Krishna Kumar,
I received the final report and am extremely pleased with the end product. This report with all the strategies and the mathematical business model forecasting the impact of these strategies on the final outcome will certainly be of great value to us. I certainly enjoyed working with you.

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